Aberdeen Church’s Next Chapter

from Pastor Matt Rose

    “Aberdeen has embarked on a new and different

journey, still seeking to be faithful to the call of God

to go and make disciples. As we set out, we are aware
of the life and legacy that has come before. The spark of mission and love for the neighborhood that led to Aberdeen’s
founding nearly 100 years ago still propels us forward.

     Jesus, in John 12 says that “unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” With our transition comes a kind of death. We grieve that death. And yet we also await new life. Our prayer is that a renewal, in the form of many new followers of Jesus, will also spring from the ground.

      During a period of preparation this summer a core group has been meeting, sharing life stories and learning how those stories can be a tool to point others to Jesus. The goal is to become what Jesus has called us to be: his apprentices who invite others to the journey with Jesus.
     Out of this is emerging a new ministry: a house church ministry that seeks to move the focal point from a single building to many homes scattered throughout Grand Rapids’ north end and beyond.

     It feels new to us, even innovative. And yet by volume, this is the primary way followers of Jesus have been gathering for thousands of years in every corner of the globe. Small groups of people gathered around Jesus in a home to love one another, grow together, and actively seek the renewal of their place.

     We set out on this journey like Abraham, obediently putting one foot in front of the other, not yet sure where the road will lead but trusting that it is God who called us to start walking. And like the eleven men left standing on the hill overlooking the sea as Jesus ascended, we go knowing that our God and Father goes before us. And His Son has not left us to journey alone but generously pours out His Spirit to be and do all He has called us to in Christ.”


Matt Ab street.jpg

                    Matt Rose